C- 100MA-2

C- 100MA-2

⚫ High dynamic display range, can achieve the best human soft tissue and bone tissue imaging. ⚫ Cesium iodide amorphous silicon dynamic flat panel detector, the limit spatial resolution of 2.7LP / mm, gray 16bit. ⚫ A complete image processing system, with extraordinary processing power, to ensure that you are thinking that your income. ⚫ Built-in automatic optimization of advanced image processing, enhanced module, real-time display automatically optimized after a clear clinical image. ⚫ Real-time histogram equalization and real-time dynamic Gamma correction through real-time Laplacian pyramid enhancement. ⚫ Real-time window width and window adjustment, real-time arbitrary angle rotation, real-time zoom, pan, point of interest, reverse phase, noise reduction, smoothing, sharpening and other rich and powerful image processing function gives you a stronger diagnostic confidence. ⚫ Dedicated high-definition medical LCD display system, presented to you with high brightness, high contrast to the clinical image; contrast to nature, useful for diagnosis of the image details show clearer, more richer level. ⚫ The perfect digital image chain, to ensure that you can easily deal with multiple sections of a variety of conventional surgery. ⚫ Leading digital pulse dose intelligentized control technology, indeed real time high mA continuous pulsed fluoroscopy application, which achieving multi frequency intelligentized regulation and supplying high quality images for accurate diagnosis while ensure low dose.


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