The New Generation Fast B-class Autoclave (A50B Air Cooling) for dental clinic
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The New Generation Fast B-class Autoclave (A50B Air Cooling) for dental clinic

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Model: A50B (air cooling) Capacity: 10L

(Infection prevention to make everyone safe in the medical environment is the vision of HaeTmed. The persistence of technology, the pursuit of quality, and the search for innovation are the foundation of our growth. Since its establishment, we successfully developed water-cooling sterilizers and greatly improved the performance of air-cooling sterilizers in order to provide safe and reliable sterilization devices for hospitals and dental practices. Today, we create a new generation of fast sterilizers (class B) with new thinking. At the same time, to meet your different clinical needs, we expand the product line from 5L fast autoclave to 55L large capacity sterilizers.)

Fast autoclave achieves rapid sterilization with “pre-vacuum” and “vacuum drying” to provide institutions with new, faster and more efficient sterilization solutions. The instruments can be sterilized in 12 minutes enabling safe and rapid treatment and turnover between patients.

B class sterilization in 12 min only


Cycle of sterilization in 11-15 minutes to speed up the turnover of handpieces, scaler handpieces, implant handpieces and implant kits.

Fast, but no damage to device

Three times pre-vacuum quickly extracts the cold air from hollow instruments to improve the penetration of steam to the instrument, not only to ensure the sterilization quality inside the device, but also to achieve a fast and uniform heating inside and outside the instrument to reduce damage of device.




Effective sterilization

German proprietary pump knowhow exclusive for autoclave, vacuum level -0.92bar.

Excellent drying performance

Vacuum drying function avoids the damage caused by hot air drying in the aerobic high temperature environment and achieves excellent drying of wrapped instruments.

Rapid sterilization application

Meet EU B class standard, suitable for wrapped or unwrapped instruments, hollow A and hollow B types of instruments, implant instruments and kits, orthodontic tool, intraoral scan, electric motor.




New features:

1. Shuttle button, one button operation

Simple and easy to operate and does not affect the operation with gloves.

2. Innovative Jog-dial Knob

Novel design, dial&click in one. Dial to choose, click to confirm. Simple and easy even operating with gloves on. It has a life time over 150,000 times.

3. Automatic Door

Atom series feature innovative automatic doors which open with just one touch, providing safe and easy experience.

4. Colored LCD Display

Colored LCD screen displays real time information of sterilization cycle including temperature, pressure in the chamber and elapsed time.

5. Safety protection

● Safety physics switch (automatic power cut when it is over heat)

●  Intelligence temperature control device ( automatic stop heat when the steam temperature is over 135 ℃)

● Safety valve: generator and chamber double safety pressure relief device

● Mechanical emergency open: Open the door even power failure

Innovative Rectangle Shaped Chamber——Small Size, Big Capacity

Small size with big capacity, the rectangle shaped chamber offers extra space for trays at a fraction of the size of a round chamber, especially suitable for implant instruments and tool boxes which need fast turnover.




57% Extra Capacity

The innovative rectangle shaped chamber makes full use of its space while its conventional round shaped counterpart wastes 30% of the chamber space. The 10L Atom series autoclave has almost the same effective sterilization capacity as conventional 18L round chamber autoclave. Capacity of rectangle shaped chamber equals to 1057 times of conventional round chamber with the same cross section.

Imported Parts

●  German vacuum (diaphragm) pump, Thomas brand, very famous, Thomas pump is the topest quality in the world

     ◆  (Thomas pump flow: 37L/min vacuum degree: -0.92bar)

●  ITALY solenoid valve (big), ODE brand, industrial grade, more stable, the lifetime is longer

●  German sealing ring (open the moudle in Korea)

●  US Connectors (The same as NASA)

●  Imported IPC steam generator (A10B: 1200w; A50B:2000w), make sure it non-corrosion, sterilizing effect is more efficient, make sure the steam purity, protect the instruments.

●  German Temperature sensor

●  US Pressure sensor

●  German Liquid Level sensor

●  Switzerland Flowmeter

Atom Series Parameters

Model A50B
Vol 10L
High speedsterilization 134 program 15min 3 times vacuum
S program 12 min 2times vacuum
Chamber Dimensions 240mm(W)*144mm(H)*336mm(D)
Device Dimensions 485mm(W)*330mm(H)*625mm(D)
Weight 54.2KG
Load 5kg Mental Instruments or 1.5kg Textile
Power 2800w,220V/50Hz or 110V/60Hz
Tray Dimensions 300mm*200mm*23mm (*3)
Vacuum level -0.92bar
Residual humidity <0.1%


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