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Proposal_Dynamic DR_DT570E

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System Features

FOINOE Dynamic DR is a highly integrated medical equipment. It can perform digital radiography, digital fluoroscopy, digital gastrointestinal, digital contrast and interventional radiological imaging and other inspection (such as X-ray positioning, X-ray puncture). It mainly consists of electric diagnostic bed, high frequency generator, dynamic detector, controlling console, workstation and ancillary equipment. The schematic diagram of the machine is as follows:


Proposal_Dynamic DR_DT570E


Dynamic DR, multi-functional solution

By using Dynamic technology, radiographer can perform Radiography and Fluoroscopy with one single X-Ray machine. Alternatively, Dynamic DR can capture high-quality static image during 17x17 view size fluoroscopy with 9M pixels “Spot-Film”, which is a major advancement to the diagnostic pattern of radiology department today. With Foinoe Dynamic DR DT570E you will receive a 2-in-1 system for digital radiography and fluoroscopy which enables you to perform a wide range of digital X-ray applications. You will benefit from enhanced room utilization, faster workflow, increased patients and optimal return on investment.


Proposal_Dynamic DR_DT570E


Flexible and Versatile Mechanical Movements

(I) A wide range of bed rotation: -15°-90°rotation range of electric diagnostic bed.


Proposal_Dynamic DR_DT570E


Proposal_Dynamic DR_DT570E







(II) Multi angles radiography

The wide movement range of both x-ray tube and table can satisfy exposure demands of special body position. With the simple touch positioning, the longitudinal table top movement allows complete head-to-toe coverage without moving the patient.





(Ⅲ) SID extension

Foinoe DT570E can extend the SID to 180cm, allowing to obtain chest images comparable to those done on a chest stand, making the remote controlled room suitable also for routine exams.









With its dynamic detector and flexible positioning, DT570E supports a wide scope of applications as well as patients of various sizes and ages.


Clinical Application

Orthopedic Dept.

Whole body Stitching

Digestive Dept.

Upper/lower Gastrointestinal Contrast
Esophagus Barium Meal Contrast
Fistulography Contrast

Hepatobiliary Dept.

T-tube Cholangiography

Urology Dept.

Urethral Contrast

Ob-Gyn Dept.

Uterus Contrast

Pediatrics Dept.

Foreign matter Orientation (Bronchus)
Parotid Contrast

Clinical Advantage

Dynamic detector with 430mm x 430mm max view area

The large 430mm x 430mm MAX dynamic detector ensures excellent coverage for both radiography and fluoroscopy imaging and provides high-resolution images for more accuracy and efficiency.

The large 430mm x 430mm view area is suitable for examination of any anatomic region. The combination of wide coverage and high image resolution extends the application of the fluoroscopy suite to areas such as chest, pelvis and extremities, which can’t be done easily with conventional image intensifier based systems. Fluoroscopy machine with intensifier has small imaging area with diameter of 9 or 12 inches that requires to move x-ray tube, detector, and table top to adjust positions to get the entire pelvic, which results in longer time for exposure and finally increases more radiation for patients. For traditional fluoroscopy, the images are a little blur and takes more time to get, and the lesion is not easy to capture.


Proposal_Dynamic DR_DT570E


The detector delivers sharp and accurate images to support your diagnosis and is not affected by geometric distortion which is typical of Image Intensifiers.

Outstanding image quality for diagnostic confidence

(I)High resolution images for brilliant results

No compromise on image quality when it comes to radiography and fluoroscopy. High resolution images with up to 9M pixel matrix deliver clinical results comparable to images acquired with state-of-the-art detectors dedicated to radiography.

(II)Smooth digital workflow, improved image quality

Your digital images are instantly available without handing cassettes or waiting for film processing. You can benefit from a digital environment with a smooth, accelerated workflow, higher throughput and less waiting time for your patients, and specific digital processing algorithms for individual anatomical regions recover image visualization in under- and overexposed regions. As a result, you will experience improved image quality and fewer retakes.

(III)Enhanced image quality improves diagnostic confidence

Benefits from cutting-edge post-processing features, reduces noise and increases both detail contrast and sharpness of radiographic images, the image contrast in critical regions is improved to further enhance detail recognition of fluoroscopic sequences.


Proposal_Dynamic DR_DT570E


High utilization rate and early break-even point with 2-in-1 system

The DT570E Dynamic system for both radiography and fluoroscopy examinations enables you to

increase your workflow and patient throughput while at the same time enhancing your room utilization thanks to a 2-in-1 system and a wide range of applications.

(I)Enhanced efficiency and patient throughput

The DT570E Dynamic system helps you to accelerate your workflow and patient throughput thanks to a single dynamic detector for all your high-resolution digital radiography and high frame rate fluoroscopy applications. Performing both imaging techniques with one single digital system saves your time and your money.

(II)Higher room utilization and maximized return on investment with 2-in-1 system

Idle room capacity is a common dilemma with dedicated fluoroscopy systems. They are usually operated at full capacity in the morning and then see utilization drop off in the afternoon. With the DT570E Dynamic system you can increase utilization rates throughout the whole day. Higher capacity in fluoroscopy paired with an enhanced application spectrum in digital radiography helps you to increase room utilization and further maximize your return on investment. You will also benefit from a better space allocation as well as lower cost for maintenance and personnel training.

Simple design and efficient operation

DT570E incorporates a variety of features that enhance your experience – for example, an innovative remote-control console and table-side controls.

The newly designed remote-control console of DT570E is highly compact, intuitive and user-friendly. Clear, easy-to-understand control elements greatly simplify system operation and organ program selection. Table-side control is easy for operation without leaving the patient’s side and improves safety for patients and convenient operation for staff.


Proposal_Dynamic DR_DT570E

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