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C70 patient monitor

C70 is inherited the outstanding character of our Patient Monitor C90 and adopted with highly integrated modular

mechanical structure, it efficiently combines the structure, function and maintain management.

C70’s single-module and muti-module can combination at will to meet the upgrade in Clinical need. C70 opens a new

chapter in modular monitor field.

C80 patient monitor

With leading ECG technology, anti-motion & week perfusion SPO2 technology as well as accurate NIBP measurement

technology and cooperation with word leading medical technique providers such as Masimo、Covidien、Respironics、

Medis,C80 is designed to optimize performances by configuring Etco2, AG,BIS and noninvasive hemodynamic

monitoring into one, helping you care even the most cri]tical patients with professional assistance.

C90 patient monitor

Integrated with the world-leading technology of life parameter

monitoring and IT application, C90 Patient Monitor makes a

high-end life monitoring platform and provides a comprehensive

monitoring solution.

Comprehensive monitoring management in

hospital and outside hospital

To monitor the patient parameter comprehensively and integratively from the first-aid

spot to the recovery of patients as a complete management system




Frist aid on the spot




Put on to ambulance




Lifted onto stretcher




sent to an emergency room Once C30 ambulate transport monitor is connected into C90 modular monitor the patient would be fully monitored by C90 C90 will take over to monitor and start work ing




Transferred from emergency

room to an operating room




Treated in the operating room

C90 modular monitor will carry out all-rourle

monitoring and diagnosing the patients tor ition

With displaying 12-channel ECG waveforms

imultaneously, the accurate ECG measurements

will help doctors to makebetter diagnosisand keep

the operation carried out more smoothly. The

somhinationwith an anesthesia maching coverwith i

respirator will help doctors to control operaton

time more accurately




Transferred from the operating room to Icu




Icu ward

C90 modular monitor has taken an important position

ICU; as a device to directly display the patient's

condition after operation. it allows doctors to control

the condition at any time in ICU, and it will give an

alarm under abnormal condition to remind medical

stuff so that the patient s conidition could be effectively

controlled until the patients are gradually recovered

The world leading technology and high-level materials and advanced manufacturing process

ensure that C90 modular monitor provides a high-end life monitoring platform.



External Design



Touch/button double operation

Bult-in lithium battery

Two mouting solution

Extemal printer

Module conductive contacts

Infrared transmission

17”LED backat touth screen

Dusl operatian system: Touch screen and operation buttons ta keep double assurance

Built-in lithium battery for 4 hours continuous monitoring

Mult mount solutions: Wa mounting, trolley

External laser printer and hut-in thermal printer

Gold-plated macule conta, automatic data exchange through R rarsmission

Fen-less design provides super quiet environment for icu,or,etc





The mould of the C90 is processed and manufactured by

CINCINNATI Processing center and Charmill WEDM-LS

machine. The injection molding process is adapted with the

most advanced molding machine-kraus maffei, with ensures

the stability and reliability of the C90 extremely

The mould of C90 is also adapted with German process,

technalogy and materials.

Al-mg alloy heat dissipation components: having an

extraordinary heat dissipation







handle: built-in handle for space saving and

ease to carry around

360 visual alarm lamp: three-color alarm lamp

to strike your eye definitely, and make clear for

physio logical alarm and technical alarm



Multiple USB interfaces can support external keyboard, mouse and


support data transfer as well as software upgrade.

Various ports for external devices: anxiliary plug-in box, monitor, CIS

and cable network interface and so on

External ports management house: to conceal interfaces, to keep dust

awat, to prevent foreign matter to drop in, and to manage uniformly

the cata inas




C30 with in-situ 4. 3 "LCD display, coped with independent operating

system which can be used either for C90 plug-in module or

separate monitor.

C30 used together with C90 can be displayed with double screensallows

both front and back view simultaneously

Patient data can be exchanged between C30 and C90, such that C30

can help to realize the data transfer and to share the data

between COO one another

C30 built-in 2200mah lithium cell can support hot swap with power

on thereby transferring patients information monitored without any


C30 6-parameter module: electrocardiography/heart rate/ respiratory

ate/NIBP/pulse oxygen saturation

ECG twelve channel electrocardiograph technology

With Cardiotectwelve channel electrocardiograph it can realize to display

12-channel electrocardiographic wave at the same screen simultaneously. The

accurate measurements can help doctors to give a good diagnosis. A common mode

rejection ratio CMRR) can reach 105db such that it has an extreme

interference-free capability in ECG, 26 amhymia analysis support.

2)Spo, pulse oxygen saturation technology

Gold standard Oximax pulse oxygen saturaton system in the worldwide blood

oxygen monitoring field is ensured to take a leading position in the technology with

its unique Losat"technique thereby ensuring the widest range of accuracy to

extend its accurate measurement range to 60%-100% The special Satseconds

intelligent alarm management system can effectively reduce false alarm so as to

relieve workload on the medical personnel

NIBP, non-invasive blood pressure technique

Use of Acutec non-invasive blood pressure technique to allow C90 accuracy

IBP(invasive blood pressure) module

pulmonary arterial pressure central venous pressure, intracranial pressure, left/right arterial pressure etc e

Various brands of IBP accessor es support. It is able to monitor more than 10 pressures such as arterial pres

Etco, module


To work together with US RESPIRONICS/MASIMO we chose mainstream/side stream(miniflow)

CO module. As small in size, durable and light in weight, the mainstream sensor can be used to provide all

intubated patients from new born child to adults for an accurate reliable CO monitoring. It can be automatically

corrected, an Loflo side flow probe (without dewatering bottle)is used to monitor non-intubated patients. The

flexible and compact CO sensor can provide adults, child and newborn babies for a continuous and reliable CO

monitoring. And, the sampling rate(miniflow) is s50ml/min.

MASIMO IRMA CO (Mainstream)

Extremely compact design (25g|): Maintenance free-no calibrations needed; Intelligent disposables;

Extremely easy to integrate; " Plug in and measure

MASIMO ISA CO (Sidestream

Unique water handing-nomoline Low sample flow-50mi/min for all type of patients;"Instant on-warm-up

time 10/20 seconds until full spec; Extremely low power and weight: " Plug in and m

AG (anesthetic gases)module

To cooperate with MASIMO with advanced AG modular, it is able to monitor eight different gases(O, CO,N O, ENF

ISO, DES, SEV, HAL). It can automatically identify what kind of anesthetic gas is in use, characterized by its short

period of warmming time and long service life as well as MAC value provided(minimum alveolar concentration

ICG (noninvasive blood flow dynamics) module

Coaboraed wh Meds inpedance EG o real vase ood ow dyna ms monton, which is

charter zed by its annas e onous and gh ae and song interf stant apability as well

as lower cost and easy operation. The mpedance var aton s used to monitor parameters such as stroke

volume( ca pu()sem asu ar resistan()cara index(n), myocardal contrd ity

and fluid state(UFC), etc.

BIS(Depth of Anesthesia)module

Cooperate with CONVIDIAN company from USA for BIS technology.

The s module has been es ed o e use n he moon f he vel of conscousness of aperson during

the application of general anesthesia or in intense care. This is accomplished byre stering the

electroencephalographic signal(EEG )by means of sure ectrodes which is thenanalyzed by a digtal process.

As a result of the appled ca aton an index Bs obtained wh serves as guidance to theexperts who use

it to determine the level of consciousness of the patent during surgery.

C.O. (invasive cardiac output)module

C90 is involved itself in invasive cardiac output technique, but C.O. measurement is conducted with conventional thermo

dilution invasive cardiac output and other hemodynamic parameters. The monitor can measure"blood temperature",

calculating cardiac output calculating hemod.The cardiac output is measured with floating catheter led from vein

to pulmonary artery followed by injecting a certain amount at 0C-25C injecta such that the blood temperature will be varied

after the injecta and blood output from the heart are mixed together thereby achieving cardiac output by measuring blood

temperature variation before and after infected in accordance with the principle of heat balance

C90 plug-in expansion slot

10 module slots can be provided for function expansion

Software technology

Unique I-klok intelligent alarm system: to identify alarm leve

automatically according to variation of measurement parameters, There

are high, middle and lower alarm levels. There are different sounds and

lighting prompts for every level with delay alarm and delay time which can

be adjusted. There is also automatic alarm& printing function. Different

from traditional alarm, there is practical clinical significance for alarm to

reduce mis-alarm and useless alarm

Powerful network function to support wire and wireless access

built-in Wifi module selectable:

Prompt module identification and interface switching without flashing

feeling during interface switching;

The Moudule Extension Function with automatic identification for

software and dynamic adjustment for interface.

Module map diagram

Display operating status of module

Touch screen

Keyboard,handwritting input

Big font interface

Observed clearly from long distance, is especially suitable

for ICU, CCU, OR and night care

Users can freely select 4 parameters to display on the screen.

one waveform will be displayed for those parameters with


Information integration function

Complete medical records management

Users can search review. delete and transfer medical records

Alarms setting on one page

All alarms are managed on the same page,

more easy to set the alarms

Configuration management

Five departments default configuration, can also be

customized to meet application of different departments

Bed to bed Observation

To display other bed information such as bed no patients

name, alarm information and parameter setup

User can configure dynamic parameters and waveform

Respiration Oxygenation interface

Consist of HR trend, Spo2 trend and RR trend or

compressed respiration waveforms

Different period of trend selectable

Layout interface

User can freely select the parameters and waveforms and

locate its displayed place on the screen

Design the interface freely as you reference

Trend Coexistence

Trend graph displays dynamic change of each parameter

Trend view time of each parameter are freely selectable

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