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Neonatal Monitor,when the life begins...

Standard Configuration:

3- lead ECG , Masimo SpO2 , PR , NIBP , RESP ,

Stimulator , Oxygen concentration sensor

Optional Configuration:

Nellcor SpO2 , Dual IBP , EtCO2 , TEMP , External printer

Adopting world-leading technology, Comen makes independent innovation to develop the advanced C60 Specialized Neonatal Monitor which has been certified by the FDA and CE. The monitor has

a 8.4" LED screen, touch operation function and handwriting input function. Its whole design is

user-friendly. Based on the unique features of neonate's cardiovascular system, Comen has developed the ExNeo® neonatal ECG technology and the Adap-DSP® NIBP measurement technology which can

help care for life professionally and accurately; Thanks to Masimo gas analysis technology, C60 is capable to calculate out aspiratory volume of EtCO2 with sidesteam or mainstream method.

Optional equipped with IBP module allow it measure parameters of ART, CBP ,PA . Adopted the Masimo neonatal SpO2 technology which can effectively prevents the interference of motions and

improve the measurement of weak perfusion. It also has the oxygen concentration monitoring function and the original apnea self-rescue function which contains the SatSeconds® Intelligent Alarming System. Other than these, its accessories that have passed biological compatibility test give the neonates more care. In a word, the advent of C60 has filled in the blank of the Chinese neonatal monitoring field and contributed strength to the world neonatal monitoring.


Neonatal Monitor

USB Interface: convenient for data saving and software upgrade.

Net Port: Maximum 32 bedside monitors to connect the central monitoring system, wired or wireless network supportable

Built-in WiFi module selectable Fanless cooling system

C60Neonatal Monitor Protection

C60 enhances the anti-interfere capability of NIBP measurement to ensure

data accuracy even in neonate's movement

According to the low blood and low perfusion character istics of neonate, COMEN

uses Adap-DSP® system to provide more accurate measurement

Specialized neonatal measurement mode, software & hardware over-pressure protection

OxyCRG: Display the interactive relation between heart rate, respiration and oxygen on the

same screen, convenient for observing the clinic change of neonate

ST analysis, Arr. analysis, Drug-dose calculation.etc

8.4 inch LED Touch Screen

Lightweight and compact

Li-ion battery, 4 hours working time

Apnea Self-rescue monitoring:Unique neonatal Apnea Self-rescue monitoring, prevent suffocation brought by Apnea, gives superior care

to the neonate.

According to the feature of neonate’s HR, C60 adopts the latest COMEN ExNeo® ECG Technology to guarantee the accuracy of measurement.

Anti-motion respiration testing technology, apnea alarm Specialized neonatal ECG cable and electrodes


Performance Claim Mas imoSET
Pul se Oximeter
SpO2 Accuracy (70-100%)  
Neonate (No Motion) ±3 digit s
Neonate (Motion) ±3 digit s
Perfus ion Index Range 0.02% - 20%
Accuracy in Low Perfus ion Adult ±2
Neo ±3 digit s
Fragile Skin non-adhes ive (No Motion) SofTouch ±3 digit s
Fragile Skin non-adhes ive (Motion) SofTouch ±3 digit s
SpO2 Accuracy (60-80%)  
Neonate(No Motion) 60% - 80% ±4 digit s
Congenital Cyanotic Cardiac Defect s(No Motion) 70% - 100% ±3 digit s
80% - 100% ±3 digit s
Pul se Rate Accuracy (70%-100%)  
Pul se Rate(No Motion) 25 - 240 bpm ±3 digit s
Pul se Rate(Motion) 25 - 240 bpm ±5 digit s
Pul se Rate - Low Perfus ion 25 - 240 bpm ±3 digit s


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