Alien-VII LED dental operating lamp
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Alien-VII LED dental operating lamp

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This product is mainly used in dental clinics for the illumination of patients' mouths.
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This product is mainly used in dental clinics for the illumination of patients' mouths.



Alien-VII  LED dental operating lamp




Alien-VII  LED dental operating lamp


Installation method:

1. Plug and connect the terminal connectors as shown in Figure 1, to ensure reliable connection of the connector;

2. As shown in Figure 2, insert the shaft of the lamp arm and the base of the lamp into the inner hole of the lamp arm and align it with the screw hole. Tighten the hexagon socket screw with a tool.

3. Insert the trim cover into the lamp arm as shown in Figure 3.

Working Environment

Working environment Storage and transportation environment
Ambient temperature -10°C~+40°C Transport temperature -30°C~+60°C
Relative humidity 30%~85% Relative humidity 10%~95%
Atmospheric pressure 30~75Kpa Atmospheric pressure 50~106Kpa

Technical Parameters

Technical specifications
Input Voltage AC/ DC12- 24V
Power 4VA
0.7m illuminance value 20000 Lux
Color temperature 5000K
Color rendering index 90
Net weight 1. 3kg
Gross weight 2. 0kg


1. Opening and closing operation: After power-on, push the “toggle switch” on the back to turn on the light or the front of the hand to slide the sensing area to turn on the light.

2. Adjust the brightness operation:

① toggle switch dimming toggle switch handle for 1-2 seconds, start the stepless dimming function, when the

brightness is adjusted to the maximum or minimum height, “beep” sound

prompts, if you continue to keep the toggle state , the reverse dimming will be started, and the same brightness will be triggered to the limit brightness, and the appropriate brightness can be released to release the toggle switch.

② Induction dimming palm stays in the sensing area for 1-2 seconds, starts the dimming mode, accompanied by a “beep” sound prompt, indicating that the maximum or minimum brightness has been reached. If you continue to keep the palm in the sensing area, immediately start the reverse. Dimming, to achieve the right brightness, let go.

3. Turn on/off the anti-cure mode: the front silver anti-cure switch button slides up to switch to the anti-cure lighting mode. In this case, the blue component of the light is filtered out and the composite material can be used for a long time. Perform processing and slide down to normal operation mode.

4. The product has a brightness memory function, which will enable the brightness of the last off when it is turned on to work.

5. Both sides of the outer handle, press the top of the Bowen button to pull out, the handle can be removed, easy to clean and disinfect.

Maintenance and precautions

1. Non-mirror area cleaning can be carried out with three gun gas, or it can be cleaned with soft cotton flannel or wet paper towel;

2. The reflective cup can be cleaned with glasses cloth (to disable rough

feeding to prevent scratching the surface).

Note: All surfaces of the lamp should not be wiped clean with corrosive liquids!

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