Air cooling autoclave (Class B) Q50B/Q70B
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Air cooling autoclave (Class B) Q50B/Q70B

Retail price
Market price
● 3-time Pre-vacuum
● Extra dryness
● Independent Stainless-Steel Steam Generator
● Embedded system
● Smart load monitor system
● Safety Lock
● Intelligent error detection
● Emergency stop
● Power outage protection
● 11 programs
● LCD display
● Automatic upgrade with USB driver
Product serial number

Equipped with German Thomas vacuum pump, which can achieve level as low as -0.92bar, HaeTmed air cooling autoclaves feature thorough sterilization and can pass challenging Helix Test. Precise temperature and pressure control all over the chamber protects delicate instruments; High standard manufacturing process, robust and durable; Optimal feature sets various sterilization need and offer best value choice to dental clinics.

Q50B/Q70B offers more internal space for use because it has a deeper interior space (46 cm, volume 23 litres). In

this way, longer instrument sets can also be safely sterilized. The strong vacuum pump and the ecient steam

generator provide short cycle times.

☆ German Brand、European Standard and Good Price

☆ Faster and Efficient (25min)

☆ Effective (Complete Sterilization and Extreme Dryness)

☆ No superheated steam and Completely vacuum

Imported Parts

1. German Vacuum Pump (Thomas)

2. Stainless Steel IPC Steam Generator

3. Italian Industrial Solenoid Vale

4. German Temperature Sensor

5. American Pressure Sensor

6. German Liquid Level Sensor

7. Swiss Flow-meter

Advanced performance

Q50B/Q70B adopted with imported parts, vacuum

pump from Germany (vacuum level -0.92bar), solenoid

valves and water pump from Italy to secure high quality

sterilization and maximum gentleness for your instruments.

Data export

Cycle reports are saved automatically on the internal

machine memory and can be downloaded at any time

via the USB port on the front of the unit.

Additional drying function

Additional drying time can be set for some special

cases to ensure the dryness under various conditions.

Language options

The user interface can be localized by selecting one of

more than 20 available languages.

Optional with external or internal water tank

With external water tank, distilled water is fed from external water reservoirs automatically. After one cycle,no need of cleaning the water tank and discharge the waste water regularly.

Power off protection

If the sterilizer is powered o during normal operation,

the chamber automatically recovers to normal pressure,

the loads can be taken out safely and timely by an

emergency door button or wait for electricity


Personalized interface

It is possible to set cycle parameters to meet

specific needs.

Reliability and traceability

Optional external printer, connected to Q50B/Q70B via RS232 serial port, it allows all cycle data

to be printed on rolls of thermal paper.

Single record export

If the printed sterilization record is lost, it is not necessary to export and reprint through the USB

ash drive, and the missing record can be directly exported by the printer.

Powerful Performance

Air cooling series autoclaves are equipped with chosen parts from all over the world, vacuum pump and temperature Sensor from German, solenoid valve from Italia and more. These parts ensure the best performance and fast turnover of instruments, meeting the need of a busy clinic.

Extreme Dryness

Air cooling series autoclaves generate saturated which ensures maximum steam penetration throughout the entire load and achieve optimal drying result even for cotton textile load.

High Sterility Assurance Level

Powered by German vacuum pump capable for achieving vacuum level of -0.92bar, HaeTmed air cooling autoclaves extract air from hollow or porous loads and fill them with saturated steam, thus ensure effective sterilization and avoid risk of infection.

Patented Steam Generator

Patented design features saturated steam generation in very short time. 100% stainless steel guarantees reliability by avoiding rust and corrosion that causes clog and malfunction.


External printer Built-in printer
Option Option
Water tank
External water tank Internal water tank
Option  Option

Air Cooling Series Parameters

Item No Q50B Q70B 
Vol 18L 23L
Screen LCD liquid crystal display
Door Lock Electrical Safety Door
Device Dimensions 450mm(W)*470mm(H)*560mm(D) 450mm(W)*470mm(H)*680mm(D)
Chamber Dimensions 253mm*360mm 253mm*460mm
Weight 60KG 65KG
Power 220V/50HZ/2500w
Data Interface USB/RS 232
Printer Build-in /External Printer (Optional)
Tray 3 Layers Tray (5 Layer Tray is available)

Note: All technical data, programs, configuration may vary with models. HaeTmed reserves the right to modify technical parameters without prior notice.

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